Open call - Immersive residency - for artists without significant opera experience

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LOD undertakes to map out long-term trajectories; with LOD-composers Kris Defoort, Daan Janssens, Thomas Smetryns and Frederik Neyrinck as well as LOD-artistes Josse De Pauw, Inne Goris and Steve Salembier. In addition, LOD remains open to those who - always surprisingly, but never by chance - cross our artistic path. Our production company is intended to ben an overarching platform for these artists, and is meant to offer the resources to develop their ideas. LOD focuses resolutely on what is to come, among other things through our commitment to support young talent. We are working on the future of musical theatre through the European Network of Opera Academies (enoa), which provides quality workshops for young performing artists and opportunities for lasting exchanges between internation

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• Structured relationship up to 18 months with an enoa institution to have access and insight into the opera world while benefiting from their host artistic and cultural networks
• Four-day kick-off workshop at LOD muziektheater dedicated to opera creation for all the immersive residency programme fellows
• Mentoring sessions and coaching by an expert, an artist or a representative of the institution
• Personalized support provided by a referent in the institution to regularly identify the needs and organize all the actions and meetings
• Possibilities to attend enoa workshops to reflect on opera creation, gain technical and artistic skills and foster career development
• Possibilities to build a professional network by meeting the enoa members and having several opportunities to meet and network with the other immersive programme fellows
• Support to understand the best way to pitch and talk about one’s own work. Optional opportunity to pitch project to members
• Mobility grant


• Four-day kick-off workshop – 16 - 19 February 2021 (at LOD muziektheater, depending on the evolution of the COVID-19 health situation)
• Residency – between February 2021 and May 2022 (period and length to be defined with the hosting institution)

There are 8 open residency opportunities in total:
• Festival d’Aix-en-Provence – 2 positions
• Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation – 1 position
• Snape Maltings – 2 positions
• Fondation Operosa – 2 positions
• LOD muziektheater – 1 position


A mobility grant up to 5 700€ which will cover travel, accommodation and food to:
• attend the kick-off workshop
• visit the hosting institution (in case the artist was not local based)
• meet artists and professionals
• attend enoa workshops

profiel kandidaat


• An artist highly interested in the development of opera creation / interdisciplinary musical and artistic forms
• An experienced artist in any artistic field (jazz, theatre, dance, poetry, visual art, literature, etc.)
• An artist without significant opera experience
• Applicants must be professional creators. Performers are welcome but should apply as project leader or creator
• No age limit
• European based
• English comprehension



For the artists:
• an opportunity to challenge their perception of what opera and music theatre can be and to get a better understanding of the genre
• an open opportunity to take their work in new directions
• easier opportunities to join an international network of peers and professionals in the operatic field

For the institution:
• taking inspiration from the artists and benefiting from their skills
• widening the talent pool the institution can collaborate with in the future
• a better understanding of how opera is received by the artists and how it could change to be more accessible

wijze van solliciteren

In order to make this programme as tailor-made as possible to the artist’s needs, each applicant is expected to submit a proposal for a specific enoa institution via a Google form

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