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who we are

our tasks

The Performing Arts Social Fund (Sociaal Fonds Podiumkunsten) is the skills and development organisation of the professional performing arts and music sector in the Flemish Community, joint committee 304. It is run by employers’ and workers’ organisations.

We have the following tasks:

  • improving the position of groups at risk
  • organising additional training
  • managing the sector’s training credits
  • setting up the sector’s supplementary pension scheme and the supplementary premium for artists
  • implementing the sectoral pact with the Ministeries of Employment and Education
  • applying the VIA agreement for the arts.


joint committee  304

Within a joint committee (pc 304), collective agreements are reached between employers’ representatives and trade unions.

PC 304 covers all employers who are directly or indirectly involved in performances of music, song, dance, spoken word (e.g. theatre), mime and circus.

Concretely, this means theatres and theatre troupes, concert halls, festival organisers, musical theatres, music ensembles, pop and rock groups, booking agencies, dance troupes, (street) theatre troupes, puppet theatre groups, opera houses, PA firms, clowns, conjurors, circus troupes and so on.


our mission

We want everyone involved in the performing arts and music sector to be able to build a high-quality career.

To achieve this, we strengthen organisations in their role as employers and offer development opportunities to those who wish to work in, are working in or have worked in this sector. In doing so, we pay particular attention to groups who get fewer opportunities in the labour market.

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