groen-roos symbool geïntroduceerd op anti-homophobia workshops tijdens de opkomst van de safe(r) spaces beweging

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  • diversiteit & inclusie

safe(r) spaces (EN)

It will explore the different ways in which we navigate spaces and the impact such environments, and people have/can have. The workshop will be interactive consisting of dialogues, exercises that will enable fruitful discussions and open understanding to different lived experiences whilst touching on topics such as awareness, accountability and action.

Aurélie Disasi also known as Aru Lee is a workshop coordinator and poet with a background in Interior Architecture. They use poetry to raise awareness about cultural differences and mental health. Aurélie is also a facilitator and they lead workshops around the concepts of safer spaces and inclusion with a focus on racism. They have worked with various cultural organisations in tackling social justice issues within a working, educational and cultural environment. Aurélie also provides workshops for educators to ensure a safer teaching and learning environment is carried out both locally and internationally.

Passionate about education, social justice and culture Aurélie currently works as a co-researcher at Citylab as the coordinator of field research on a project called System Turfu funded by Innoviris. A project that aims to create and develop a sustainable economic business model for artists. Outside of their workshops, Aurélie is part of the programmation team for FAME Festival, and also works as a freelance dramaturg.

(E)Quality in Arts

This workshop is part of the first module within the (E)Quality in Arts project. We recommend you to take several workshops, as they form a logical pathway. However, you can also register separately for one of the workshops.

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