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Online discussion group: Have you ever witnessed someone speaking with intolerance and prejudice in the workplace?

‘How do you respond?’ is a discussion group examining workplace situations which arise in the performing arts and negatively impact people. By unpacking the topics we can identify broader industry problems and discuss what we can do about them on a personal and community level. 

In planning these sessions, it wasn’t our aim to give a workshop or to teach a methodology, but the more we talked about this scenario the more we realised that we do have certain methods which work for us. We want to share some of these ideas, and learn from yours, in the hope that this exchange can support our practices in some way and aid in advocating better working conditions. 

Hosted by Gala Moody and Michael Carter

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OFEN Co-Arts Platform

OFEN Co-Arts Platform’s (Belgium/Germany) work includes artistic collaborations which contribute to a shift to ethical and sustainable working practices. At the core of the company’s practice is an analysis of the context surrounding projects, including working conditions and the role of arts in wider society.


friday 11th of March 2022, 10:00 to 12:00 

online via Zoom

the session is for open to everybody working in the performing arts sector
free participation, registration is mandatory (button 'inschrijven)

since the number of participants is limited, please let us know if you registred but can finally not attend - opleiding(a)

the session will be given in English

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