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WeMeet - Circles of Care

brussel veiligheid & welzijn open aanbod

Monday 24th of January
ultima vez
Zwarte Vijversstraat 97

Exchange: how can embodied care practices help us towards better work ethics in the performing arts?

WeMeet is one of the formats in our actions to support mental health in the performing arts sector.
We organise a number of workshops with the focus on well-being. Our main focus is to give a forum to the sharing of good practices, methodologies, formats... developed by artists or other cultural workers, or to discuss specific relevant topics in the sector.  
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This session 'Circles of Care' is aimed at anyone with an interest in holistic work relations and establishing a culture of  wellbeing at work – dancers and choreographers as well as other professionals in the performing arts  field, managers, and confidants.  

As a dance company Hiatus intent to blur the edges of what dance can become, we will discuss choreography as an expanded social practice, with the potential to foster body-mind connections and reinforce our  communities. We will provide specific examples of active listening exercises, sensitivity training, and  approaches to teamwork that encourage principles of co-intelligence, emergence, and mutual aid – as we  seek to bring balance and vibrancy to our personal and professional lives.  

Especially given our current period of immense cultural and ecological disruption, we gather in the spirit  of care with this extended circle of performing arts colleagues to refresh our sense of purpose and  celebrate the many potentials of embodied investigation.  

We hope to give you the tools to invite some fresh sparks of possibility for yourself and your work  environment. 


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Dance company Hiatus has developed a series of practices aimed at reinforcing the wellbeing of artists and collaborators, called care-based practices. Michael Helland and Hanne Doms of Hiatus invite you for a sharing and practical overview of selected care-based practices which have helped nourish our creative process and inspire a culture of care in all of the work that we do.


monday 24th of January 2022, 10h to 12h

@ studio Ultima Vez, Zwarte Vijversstraat 97, 1080 Brussels 

the session is for open to everybody working in the performing arts sector
free participation, registration is required (button 'inschrijven)

since the number of participants is limited, please let us know if you registred but can finally not attend - opleiding(a)

the session will be given in English

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